Bitcoin Jumps 1.5% as U.S. Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

• Unemployment rate in the US remains at historic lows while Bitcoin has jumped 1.5%.
• Distribution trends among bitcoin ‘whale’ holders is shifting and there is an increase in Ruble-based BTC, USDT volume as Dollar strengthens over RUB.
• The UK may be heading towards a sovereign debt crisis and Federal Reserve is set to implement 25bps rate hike following strong economic data.

Unemployment Rate Stays Low

The US unemployment rate remained at its historically low levels in June according to nonfarm payrolls data released by Zerohedge. The average hourly earnings of workers also stayed steady at 0.4%, indicating that the economy continues to remain robust despite some recent slowing down in growth. This positive economic news appears to have been good for Bitcoin, which went up 1.3% and reached $30,300 USD per coin on July 7th.

Shifting Distribution Trends Among Bitcoin ‚Whales‘

Distribution trends among large holders of Bitcoin (or „whales“) are also shifting due to increased buying pressure from institutional investors and other larger entities entering into the market space. This could lead to further price appreciation of the leading cryptocurrency if these trends continue into the future.

Surge In Ruble-Based Volume

At the same time, there has been a surge in Ruble-based BTC and USDT trading volume due to a strengthening Dollar over RUB currency pairings. This indicates that Russian traders may be taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities between Russia’s own fiat currency and Tether’s stablecoin backed by US Dollars on various exchanges around the world.

UK Debt Crisis On The Horizon?

With Brexit looming closer, some analysts are beginning to worry about a potential sovereign debt crisis developing in the UK if it fails to secure an advantageous trade deal with Europe or other global partners post-Brexit transition period ends later this year. As such, it would be prudent for investors who hold British stocks or bonds to keep a close eye on any developments related to ongoing negotiations between Britain and European Union officials over their respective trade agreements moving forward into 2020/2021 timeframe.

Federal Reserve Set To Raise Rates Following Strong Economic Data

Finally, the Federal Reserve is expected to implement a 25 basis points rate hike following strong economic data coming out of America which suggests that inflationary pressures remain low despite some recent slowing down in growth across various sectors within US economy overall. Such moves by central bank should help ensure that financial markets remain stable as we move through rest of this year and beyond into 2021 onward timeline ahead us all!