PUSH Soars 41%: Push Protocol Launches on BNB Chain

• Push Protocol (formerly EPNS) launched on BNB Chain, resulting in a 41% jump for its PUSH token.
• The launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain will allow it to reach a wider audience and work towards its goal of onboarding one billion users to web3.
• BNB Chain has seen a surge in partnerships and collaborations over the past month.

Push Protocol Launches on Binance Smart Chain

Push Protocol (formerly known as EPNS) launched on the Binance Smart Chain, leading to a significant price increase of 41% for its PUSH token. The launch is expected to allow Push Protocol to reach a larger audience and take steps towards its goal of onboarding one billion users onto Web3.

Positive Market Sentiment

The positive market sentiment has been backed by the recent surge of partnerships and collaborations that have taken place on Binance Smart Chain over the past month, such as Uniswap’s deployment onto the chain, Greenfield’s decentralized storage system introduction, and OpenSea’s support for NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. This has resulted in Bitcoin soaring up 10%, through $23,000, with PUSH reaching year-to-date highs at around $0.44 from its daily low at $0.31.

BNB Director Comments

Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain commented that „the launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to its easy-to-use communication interface powered by decentralized notifications and messaging.“ Harsh Rajat, project lead and founder of Push Protocol said that „launching on BNB chain helps push to get closer to its vision of onboarding one billion users to web3.“

PUSH All-Time Highs

Although PUSH still remains down 92.88% from its all-time high before today’s move marks the highest price for PUSH since June 2022. Regardless, today’s move is still an optimistic sign for the future potential growth prospects for Push protocol as it continues with its goal of expanding across multiple ecosystems.


Overall this news was welcomed positively with bullish market sentiment pushing year-to-date highs for PUSH token following the launch onto BNB chain which should result in greater accessibility and further progress towards their goal of onboarding 1 billion users into Web3 environments