Small Businesses in Argentina Can Now Accept USDT Payments

• The DOJ charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45 million CoinDeal crypto scheme.
• Treasury sanctioned Huriya CEO’s Tether address over suspected connections with Russia.
• Worldcoin faces privacy concerns as an iris scan black market emerges for biometric verification.

DOJ Charges Nevada Man in $45M Crypto Scheme

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a cryptocurrency scheme that defrauded investors and customers out of approximately $45 million worth of cryptocurrency. The alleged perpetrator, who was arrested on charges of money laundering and wire fraud, is accused of running the CoinDeal exchange from 2018 to 2020 without proper registration or licenses.

Treasury Sanctions Tether Address Over Russia Connections

The US Treasury Department recently imposed sanctions on the Tether address belonging to Russian-based company Huriya LLC’s CEO Dmitry Ufaev over its suspected connections with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). According to the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), UFAEV used his business ventures as fronts to facilitate financial transactions on behalf of the FSB, which is responsible for conducting intelligence operations against foreign countries.

Worldcoin Faces Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns have been raised surrounding Worldcoin after an emerging black market for iris scans has been uncovered in order to bypass biometric security measures included in some cryptocurrencies such as WorldCoin. This means that anyone with access to one’s iris scan can gain access to their funds without permission or knowledge, raising serious safety and security concerns about user data being leaked or stolen by malicious actors.

Cardano Founder Calls Ethereum Classic ‘Scam’

Founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson recently called Ethereum Classic “a scam” after Ergo was excluded from participating in the Proof-of-Work Summit due to its close association with Ethereum Classic developers IOHK and EMURGO — both owned by Hoskinson himself. He also criticized Ethereum Classic’s decision not to provide funding opportunities for Ergo and other projects, claiming that it was done so as part of an effort by ETC developers „to control their own ecosystem.“

Tether-KriptonMarket Partnership Allows Argentinian Businesses To Accept USDT

Tether has entered into a partnership with KriptonMarket that will allow small businesses in Argentina to accept payments in USDT. The partnership will bring USDT acceptance to Buenos Aires‘ Central Market, one of Latin America’s largest movers of fruits and vegetables, consisting of 900 wholesalers and 50 retailers who will be able pay their bills using USDT as well as part salaries through this stablecoin currency. This comes at a critical time when Argentina is facing 104% inflation rate monthly which has caused locals‘ savings deplete rapidly. By bringing USDT payments options including paying bills and salaries down costs allows local businesses more economic stability during these trying times